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  1. Presidential Election Market Cycle Suggests Possible Market Bottom

    The value of the stock market, at any given time, is essentially the price investors collectively are willing to pay for the future earnings of the companies comprising the market.

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  2. Quarterly Report for Q3 2022

    With three quarters of 2022 in the books, inflation continues to present a conundrum for the US Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) as it seeks to cool the economy just enough to bring prices down to a sustainable level without causing a recession and triggering panic in the markets.

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  3. What Is Really Driving “Inflation” Today

    Roughly speaking — very roughly – there are five theories, and two subsidiary theories, proposed by different groups of economists and others to explain rising prices, or “inflation” so-called:

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  4. CEO Sean Hanlon is featured on the New To The Street

    Sunday, October 2, 2022; CEO Sean Hanlon was featured on the New To The Street program hosted by Jane King on NewsMaxTV at 10am ET.

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  5. The Put/Call Ratio Says ‘Get In The Market Now!’

    There are many indicators that we as professional wealth and asset managers follow. One of them is the Put/Call Ratio.

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  6. Managing Expectations for Volatility

    As we near the fourth quarter of 2022, many investors are feeling anxious and uncertain about their portfolios as markets grind continuously lower in a bear market that began in January.

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  7. The 60/40, Down But Not Out

    No investment strategy is infinitely infallible and always works. One that typically weathers most economic and market conditions is the 60/40, stock/bond, typically referred to as the classic balanced portfolio. 

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  8. The Fed, its Role, its Goal

    It took less than nine minutes on Friday, August 26th for Fed Chair Jerome Powell to whip the financial markets into shape, making it clear that the central bank was not done with its rate hikes yet.

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  9. Labor Day 2022

    All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should
    be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
    – Martin Luther King Jr. –

    Enjoy your day with family and friends this Labor Day, September 5, 2022.

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  10. Portfolio Perspectives Interview

    RTDNA and NEFE Personal Finance Reporting Award Winner Bob Powell interviews CEO Sean Hanlon on FinStream TV about the state of the current economy and other contemporary financial services issues. Bob is the editor/publisher of TheStreet Retirement Daily, and hosts this program titled “Portfolio Perspectives” on FinStream a web based financial services channel. #financialservices #retirementplanning…

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