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  1. What’s Up In The Market

    Global Equities:

    Earnings continued to deliver, helping propel markets higher in weekly trading.

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  2. FOMC Says Don’t Bet on March Cut

    At the January 31st Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) press conference, Fed Chair Jerome Powell struck a hawkish tone as he pushed back sharply against expectations that the Fed will enact its first rate cut in four years in March 2024.

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  3. 2024 Outlook

    If one were to rank the biggest drivers of stock market performance in 2023, mega-cap dominance and the missing recession would likely be atop the list.

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  4. Sovereign Debt – US vs the World

    The primary policy tool which the Federal Reserve uses to influence the economy is the Federal Funds Rate (or “Fed Funds Rate”), the target interest rate at which commercial banks can borrow or lend reserves overnight.

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  5. The Fed vs the Markets

    When Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spoke on December 1st in his final public comments before the blackout period leading up to the Fed’s December 14th policy meeting, the tone was hawkish.

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  6. Mediocre 493 May Begin to Match Magnificent 7

    Equity markets have enjoyed a tremendous November rally that allowed the S&P 500 to break out of its downtrend pattern and retest the July 31st peak.

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  7. The Federal Reserve’s Inflation Problem is due to Federal Government Spending

    “Don’t fight the Fed” is a stock market mantra that has proven true thus far in 2023. The Federal Reserve’s campaign to halt inflation has been implemented by 11 interest rate hikes amounting to a cumulative 5% increase in the Federal Funds rate.

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  8. 10-Year Break-out or Fake-out?

    October 26, 2023 It’s rare for the bond market to dominate headlines versus stocks, but that is the case lately as the 10-Year US Treasury yield has tested 5%. While short term US Treasury yields have been well above 5% for months, the long end of the yield curve has been lower than the short…

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  9. US Households’ Balance Sheets are Strong, But What About the Government’s?

    Heading into 2023, there was near-unanimous consensus from Wall Street that the US economy would veer into a recession. Yet throughout the year, US GDP has only strengthened thanks to persistently strong consumer spending.

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  10. Inflation Is Over – What Comes Next?

    By Dr. George Calhoun – Vestbridge Advisors, Inc. Advisory Board Member Executive Director of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center

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  11. Happy Columbus Day 2023!

    “Columbus dreamed of an unknown shore at the rim of a far flung sky.”

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