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Vestbridge – We use smart, personalized investment management as a bridge to financial freedom.  

Our founder, Sean Hanlon, began his investment career almost 40 years ago with a focus on helping individuals and families with their retirement and wealth-management needs. His practice expanded to include providing investment advice to foundations, corporations, and pension plans. He quickly learned that his clients needed solutions that went well beyond what most financial services companies offered.

As an early innovator and practitioner of a fiduciary, evidence-based approach, Sean founded Vestbridge on the belief that there’s a better way. In the financial services industry, a fiduciary is a person legally obligated to put their clients’ interests first when making investment decisions for them.

We’re motivated not by how many assets we manage, but by how many lives we improve.

Today, Vestbridge helps investors build a smart, personalized path to financial freedom. In addition, we help clients understand the factors that could impact their financial situation in today’s fast-changing and technology-driven marketplace.

Even though the tools and technology we use have changed dramatically over the years, our vision remains the same…

  • Our team comes to work every day thinking about how they can make each clients’ life better.
  • We continue to provide services that take a truly holistic approach to serving our clients’ financial lives.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and always act in our clients’ best interests.
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Vestbridge is a privately owned, independent investment firm based on many years of advisory experience. Simply put, “Vestbridge” refers to a strategic plan utilizing smart, personalized investment management as a bridge to financial freedom.

Today, Vestbridge helps clients build smart, personalized investment plans based on their values, goals, and stage in life. More broadly, we strive to help all investors gain a greater understanding of the complex factors that impact their financial situation.

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Your portfolio should always reflect your ambitions, your values, and your story. At Vestbridge we start from scratch with every single client and we create a smart personalized portfolio that is unique to you. Talk to a Vestbridge Financial Advisor today.

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