Direct Indexing (DI)

We are excited to offer Direct Indexing (DI) for eligible taxable accounts. In addition to the inherently efficient low-cost structure of our client portfolios, we can look to improve client outcomes by reducing the tax-drag, and introducing tax alpha, on client performance. We continuously look for opportunities to harvest losses to offset taxable gains.

Moreover, we will work with new clients to accommodate unrealized tax issues on a Tax Transition plan to find a balance between portfolio goals and risk, and a limit on your end of year tax bill. We are also capable of accommodating all types of customizations by including already owned legacy assets that are not to be sold for whatever reason, excluding certain securities for any reason, and finally by providing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) overlay to customize your portfolio.

Direct Indexing Benefits:

  • Good investment results
    • target specific indices to achieve risk adjusted returns
  • Tax Management
    • maximize the tax-loss harvesting benefits to help reduce annual tax bills
    • facilitate a tax-aware tax transition of legacy holdings to recommended holdings
    • recalibrate annual tax amount
  • Personalization
    • accommodate “do not buy” requests
    • accommodate “do not sell” restrictions
    • accommodate broad ESG overlays
    • accommodate specific ESG overlays

Client accounts will hold up to 200 US-listed Equities, ADRs and ETFs, targeting a low tracking error to the reference benchmark.

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Tax Mitigation and Conversion with Direct Indexing

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