Investment Approach

At Vestbridge, we believe your mental well-being can depend strongly on your financial well-being. And so, we aim to use investing as a pathway to achieve greater peace, happiness and prosperity. We empower our clients by helping them attempt to maximize their assets and reach their long-term goals.


We believe an informed and educated investor makes the best decisions. And you deserve a smart, ambitious investment plan that works as hard as you do.

Therefore, we consider many evidence-based factors when building your portfolio, including:

  • Direct Indexing
  • Interest rate direction
  • Inflation
  • Dollar strength
  • Bond market activity
  • National and international political landscape
  • Investor confidence and sentiment
  • U.S. Gross Domestic Product
  • Jobs growth
  • Crypto currency markets
  • Earning Projections


At Vestbridge, we believe your investment strategy should follow you on your life journey. So, we take the time to understand your values, goals and stage in life. Then, we build a strategy around you.

We’ll consider your desire to travel, buy a vacation home or start a new business during retirement. In addition, if you like, you can choose your investments based on the effect they have on things like the environment, human rights, diversity, and other social values, in addition to their performance. And lastly, your investment strategy should always reflect your stage in life. So, it should evolve as you evolve.


At Vestbridge, we use a “flexible approach.” Which means we put you into a smart, well-designed mix of investments, so you can achieve risk adjusted growth.

Plus, with the use of new technologies, we’re constantly taking the pulse of the market and evaluating the need to make any adjustments to your portfolio. One of the tools we use to mitigate tax losses and help you achieve risk-adjusted returns is Direct Indexing. We have a dynamic plan for your taxes and tax transition.

We are excited to offer Direct Indexing for eligible taxable accounts. In addition to the inherently efficient low-cost structure of our client portfolios, we can look to improve client outcomes by reducing the tax-drag, and introducing tax alpha, on client performance.  We continuously look for opportunities to harvest losses to offset taxable gains. 

Moreover, we will work with new clients to accommodate unrealized tax issues on a tax transition plan to find a balance between portfolio goals and risk, and a limit on your end of year tax bill. We are also capable of accommodating all types of customizations by including already owned legacy assets that are not to be sold for whatever reason, excluding certain securities for any reason, and finally by providing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) overlay to customize your portfolio.   

The bottom line?

We always have our eye on emerging trends in the market and around the world. And together, we’ll adjust your strategy, as needed, to attempt to maximize your gains and achieve your long-term investment goals.


A smart, personalized and comprehensive investment plan includes global investing. In fact, some of the fastest-growing and best-performing stocks over the last 20 years were traded on markets outside the U.S. Therefore, to maximize all the global opportunities for growth, Vestbridge makes sure to incorporate foreign markets, when appropriate, into your portfolio. A comprehensive plan evaluates everything the marketplace has to offer you and your fiduciary will always provide you with comprehensive solutions.

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