What is Vestbridge?

Vestbridge Advisors, Inc. is a SEC registered investment advisor providing asset management to high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions. We help investors reach their long-term goals by gaining a deep understanding of each client’s personalized needs and providing a well-researched, deliberate, active, money-management process. We are dedicated to the industry’s highest standard of care and provide our clients with a personal investment experience.

What makes Vestbridge different?

Our approach to asset management starts with you. As your fiduciary, we have a commitment and obligation to help you fulfill your goals. Our firm provides comprehensive investment advisory services through a deliberate process of determining your ‘personalized’ goals and creating a financial plan that works for you. Vestbridge believes that every client’s plan is unique because each person, family and entity has different goals. Vestbridge, as a registered investment advisor, is a fiduciary and has adopted a code of ethics based on the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and all other applicable laws, which all our associates follow.

Who is a typical Vestbridge client?

Vestbridge caters to individuals, households, and entities with $500,000 or more of investable assets and who desire personalized investment services.

How do I become a client?

Vestbridge is open to the public. You may contact us at 833-592-5252 or info@vestbridge.com at any time. We will guide you through each step of becoming a client of Vestbridge. When you open an account with Vestbridge, you enter into a written Investment Management Agreement, which describes the nature and extent of Vestbridge’s services with the terms, conditions, and fees applicable to such services.

Who makes the investment decisions?

Each member of the Vestbridge investment team has many years of experience in their field. CEO Sean Hanlon and Research Head George Peller serve as Co-Chief Investment Officers for the Vestbridge Investment Committee. The investment team has worked together for many years.

What are the fees?

We utilize a fee-based tier structure to determine your management fee rate based on your portfolio size. Our fees are competitive and transparent.

Who owns Vestbridge?

Vestbridge is a privately held company with no burden of investment backers or outside influence. Our clients’ success is our only objective. For more information about Vestbridge please refer to its Form ADV2.

Who is the CEO of Vestbridge?

Sean Hanlon is the CEO of Vestbridge Advisors, Inc. Vestbridge is an affiliate of Hanlon Investment Management, Inc., which is also a privately held, SEC-registered investment advisor. Sean Hanlon also serves as CEO for Hanlon Investment Management, Inc.

Who is Hanlon Investment Management, Inc.?

Hanlon Investment Management was formed in 1999 and provides professional financial services and asset management to financial advisors. Vestbridge contracts with Hanlon Investment Management for administrative services. Vestbridge focuses on direct-to-client relationships, while Hanlon Investment Management acquires most of its clients through third-party, non-affiliated financial advisors. For more information about Hanlon Investment Management please refer to its Form ADV2.

Does Vestbridge have an investment history?

Formed in 2021, the Vestbridge Investment team has been managing client monies for many years. The investment team has developed investment strategies and innovative methods of evaluating markets based on numerous factors—including economic, interest rate, tax policy, geo-political factors and more. We’re proud of our common track record of results.

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