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Vestbridge can help you build a smart, personalized portfolio—based on your values, goals and stage in life. We use a comprehensive strategy that focuses first on asset allocation. Because research shows 70 percent of your portfolio’s long-term performance depends on asset allocation…not on whether you own certain individual stocks like Amazon, Apple or Walmart. We also leverage new technologies and cutting-edge tools to evaluate simulations and market modeling. We take a wide, global view to investing so your portfolio can capitalize on high-performing markets around the world…not just here in the U.S.

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Your Smart, Personalized Financial Plan

Living the ultimate “good life” starts with a smart, personalized financial plan

A smart, personalized financial plan is basically road map that charts the course for how you’re going to pay for the next 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years of your life.

Everyone’s map looks different. And everyone’s final destination looks different, too.

For example, maybe you have a sizable nest egg, but you want to retire in your early 60s. Or maybe you plan to keep working throughout your 60s, but you want to set aside enough money to pay for your grandkids’ college education or to splurge on a big vacation home in Florida.

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Your portfolio should always reflect your ambitions, your values, and your story. At Vestbridge we start from scratch with every single client and we create a smart personalized portfolio that is unique to you. Talk to a Vestbridge Financial Advisor today.

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