Tax-Aware Transition Management

When you become a Vestbridge client, we take charge of managing your existing investment portfolio. But we are very careful and deliberate about how we manage this important transition.

When you modify a portfolio, it can trigger a hefty, unwanted and unnecessary tax bill.

So, how do we avoid these common transition pitfalls?

First and foremost, we make a plan that limits the tax impact to your portfolio during the transition. We can use a powerful strategy called Direct Indexing (DI) to harvest losses and limit your tax burden.

Second, we take your own personal risk tolerance into account and weigh it against the negative effect of tax-drag.

Third, we create a new, smart investment plan where we try to achieve risk adjusted returns over the long-term. This new plan should also take your personal values, goals and stage in life into account.

With an effectively managed, tax-aware transition, you can potentially achieve higher after-tax returns. Which means more money at the end of the year in your bank account…instead of paying unnecessary taxes.

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