In an effort to fulfill our mission of educating all on the benefits of a healthy financial lifestyle, we offer our insights and resources. Our ‘Vestbridge Weekly Update’ is published weekly and provides critical insight into current events.

As a trusted voice in the industry, we also offer some of our published Guides free to the public, and we offer other materials also listed below.

  1. What’s Up In The Market

    With a Fed announcement guaranteeing more stock volatility in the short term, we have seen a noticeable shift in strategy on how best to navigate this volatility.

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  2. Vestbridge Launches New Website

    Vestbridge is a privately owned, independent investment firm based on many years of advisory experience. Simply put, “Vestbridge” refers to a strategic plan utilizing smart, personalized investment management as a bridge to financial freedom.

    Our founder, Sean Hanlon, has four decades of helping individuals and families with their retirement and wealth-management needs. He learned that clients need solutions that go well beyond what most financial services companies offer. He founded Vestbridge on the belief that there’s a better way.

    Today, Vestbridge helps clients build smart, personalized investment plans based on their values, goals, and stage in life. More broadly, we strive to help all investors gain a greater understanding of the complex factors that impact their financial situation.

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  3. Portfolio Perspectives Interview

    RTDNA and NEFE Personal Finance Reporting Award Winner Bob Powell interviews CEO Sean Hanlon on FinStream TV about the state of the current economy and other contemporary financial services issues. Bob is the editor/publisher of TheStreet Retirement Daily, and hosts this program titled “Portfolio Perspectives” on FinStream a web based financial services channel. #financialservices #retirementplanning…

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  4. Beyond The Ordinary Podcast

    Sean Hanlon appears on Beyond The Ordinary Podcast Recently, our CEO Sean Hanlon appeared on the “Beyond the Ordinary” podcast with host Tommy Martin. The topics were the importance of tactical strategies in wealth management and launching a contemporary advisory firm to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Click here to listen to podcast

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