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  1. Resilient Earnings are a Positive Sign

    We are presumably at the end stages of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike cycle, which has seen the central bank increase rates at the quickest pace in its history. The rapid rate hikes are intended to cool economic growth, and investors have been nervously speculating about where the impact of the rate hikes would first appear.

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  2. Debt Ceiling Déjà vu

    Financial news tends to lean negative, attributable to a mix of good risk-management (as investors we need to try to understand “all” the scenarios and plan accordingly for many contingencies) and the simple fact that ominous-sounding headlines attract eyeballs, which in turn drives higher advertising revenues.

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  3. 2023 1st Quarter Review

    Market expectations for Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) interest rate hikes shifted dramatically in the first quarter and not because inflation eased.

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  4. Is The Risk-Free Rate Truly Risk-Free?

    “Risk” is a something of a loaded word, having a somewhat negative implication. Most people only focus on the downside risk, and when we hear about “risky” investments it is typically in reference to penny stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other speculative instruments.

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  5. Happy Easter 2023!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

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  6. First Quarter Update – 2023 Outlook

    We began the year with a mismatch in expectations between the market and the Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) regarding the projected path for interest rates. The Fed had penciled in a target terminal rate between 5-5.25%, which it planned on holding for the remainder of the year.

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  7. Will Housing Save The Day?

    The recent banking crisis has immediately lowered expectations for future inflation expectations and interest rate hikes. Why? There is a direct correlation between economic activity and loan volume, and loan volume is destined for a short term contraction, at a minimum, as the regional banks, and even the big money center banks, reassess their positions and await whatever revised government regulation comes out of this banking crisis.

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  8. Regional Bank Failures

    If you have tuned in to financial news, or any news for that matter, you are likely aware of the turmoil which began last week in the regional banking sector. It started when Silvergate Capital, a central lender to the cryptocurrency industry, sought a $2.25 billion loan to shore up its balance sheet. The move raised questions about the bank’s financial strength and triggered $42 billion in withdrawals.

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  9. Wash Sales – What they are, and how to avoid them when implementing a Tax Loss Harvesting Program

    We recently read how former Microsoft CEO and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Steve Balmer made the news for potentially violating IRS guidelines on how investment losses and gains are taxed. Balmer, with a net worth of roughly $81 billion, outsourced the management of his sizable investment portfolio to a large Wall Street bank. Unfortunately, trades executed by his investment manager in 2015 ran afoul of the ambiguous IRS guidelines covering wash sales.

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  10. Student Loan Relief – the Forgotten Stimulus

    The US economy has been surprisingly resilient, largely due to strong consumer spending driving economic growth despite persistent price increases for both goods and services. Rabid consumer demand has thus far kept US economic growth positive, and it appears we may avoid negative GDP growth in the first quarter, contrary to the projections of most major Wall Street banks.

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