In an effort to fulfill our mission of educating all on the benefits of a healthy financial lifestyle, we offer our insights and resources. Our ‘Vestbridge Weekly Update’ is published weekly and provides critical insight into current events.

As a trusted voice in the industry, we also offer some of our published Guides free to the public, and we offer other materials also listed below.

  1. Top-10 Ways to Build Your Net Worth

    Your Net Worth Matters Way More than Flashy Cars, Homes and Trips

    Lots of Americans drive flashy $100,000 cars, live in sprawling homes, and take amazing trips around the world every year. But those outward signs of wealth can be very misleading.

    In fact, you can have—and do—all those things, but still have significant debt with very little saved for retirement. It’s actually a very common finding in America today.

    On the other hand, an individual with significant savings is the one true indicator of real wealth and financial success. Because it means you have far more assets than liabilities.

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  2. Retirement Planner Calculator

    Understanding your retirement requires a simple process of evaluating your current assets and expenses against how you want to live your life in retirement. The easiest method is to start with a simple calculation. We offer you this calculator as a tool to start the process of understanding your needs to properly survey a comfortable retirement.

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  3. Investment Goal Calculator

    At Vestbridge, we believe your mental well-being depends strongly on your financial well-being. And so, we aim to use investing as a pathway to achieve greater peace, happiness and prosperity. We empower our clients by helping them attempt to maximize their assets and reach their long-term goals.

    We offer this calculator as a tool for you to use to better understand your financial situation.

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