Top-10 Tax-Friendly Tax Havens

Go ahead—dream a little…

You’ve worked hard your whole life. So, now it’s time to dream a little about where you’ll enjoy the next 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years of your life.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of living near the water. Or perhaps you want to move closer to the grandkids. Or maybe you just want to find a quiet place where you can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Whatever your retirement dream looks like, Vestbridge has you covered.

We put together this free guide to introduce you to some of the best tax-friendly retirement havens across the country. And we’ve pinpointed 10 cities, both big and small, where we think you can really thrive physically, mentally and financially in your golden years.

When compiling the list, we considered a number of important factors for individuals like yourself with significant savings, including:

• Tax perks for retirees
• Availability of luxury housing
• Median income
• Active lifestyle options for older adults

And we’ve grouped our list in alphabetical order by state. We hope you find this guide both fun and useful.


Top-10 Tax-Friendly Retirement Havens

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