CEO Sean Hanlon is featured on the New To The Street

CEO Sean Hanlon is featured on New To The Street

Sunday, October 2, 2022; CEO Sean Hanlon was featured on the New To The Street program hosted by Jane King on NewsMaxTV at 10am ET. ‘New to The Street’ is one of the longest-running US and Internationally sponsored financial T.V. shows. King had previously been doing syndicated business and financial reports for Bloomberg News from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. ‘New to The Street’ brings weekly C-Suite innovators, CEO’s and Founders on to showcase how their companies are impacting the world around us. It runs across many U.S. Television networks and has been the one-stop place for FinTech, important investment news, as well as blockchain and cryptocurrency-related breaking news since 2009. The show is operated by FMW Media Works Corp. Scott Elberg Vince Caruso